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About lanyards

Many different Lanyard Styles exist from the
traditional cord and beaded lanyard to many
innovative designs for attaching a pen, bottle of water,
cell phone, lip balm and more.

In recent years lanyards have made it into the fashion
industry with younger people. These lanyards are
typically custom printed with a high profile brand
name product, company or school name, just ask us
for details.

Lanyards can be outfitted with a variety of
attachments and accessories which perform useful
functions. From strap clips for badge holders and cell
phone holders to id card reels and water bottle
holders, just let us know what you need.

Materials and Hardware

Along with material choices there are many lanyard hardware attachment options. And as with material selection, the
application typically dictates the choice of hardware as well.

Snap Hooks

J-Hooks are by far the most useful and commonly used lanyard hardware. They quickly and
easily attach to a card holder or split ring.

J-Hooks are by far the most common and useful. They come in a wide range of styles and
sizes both non-swivel and swivel (swivel allows the attached object to rotate). They open by
applying pressure to one side and close via tension on the bent metal. J-Hooks are essential
for attaching badge holders with round attachment holes, keys, pens, cell phones, pens, lip
balm and other small objects.

Bulldog Clips

Bulldog clips are designed for attaching badge holders with a slot at the top.

Bulldog Clips are designed to attach to badge holders with an oblong hole at the top and
are thus the least versatile lanyard hardware attachment. They work by squeezing one end
which causes the other end to open via a spring mechanism. also referred to as spring clips.
They are available in a variety of sizes for both cord and flat lanyard material.

Split Rings

Split rings are typically used for keychain lanyards and when other small objects other than
an id card are being attached.

Split rings are used primarily for attaching keys as well as badge reels for retractable
lanyards.  They are also used when the badge holder has a bulldog clip already attached. In
this case, the badge holder is clipped on to the split ring via the bulldog clip.  Solid o-rings
can also be used in this application as well as for attaching badge reels.

Quick Release Buckles

Quick-release buckles are used when it’s necessary to remove the attached object from the
lanyard without having to take the lanyard off from around ones neck.

Quick-release buckles come in two varieties:side-squeeze and center push. The actual
quick-release hardware is a durable plastic buckle with both male and female parts. The
buckle comes apart when either the sides are squeezed or a center button pushed. It can
simply be reattached by inserting one side into the other.

One of the two parts of the quick-release buckle is installed at the bottom of the lanyard
where the hardware would normally be. Another short segment of webbing is attached to
the other side of the buckle on one side and the lanyard hardware on the other side.

Breakaway Connectors

Safety concerns in the workplace and at play have given rise to the safety lanyard. These
lanyards include a breakaway connector that comes apart when enough force is applied.
Many different styles of breakaways are available for cord and flat lanyards. 

Breakaway lanyards also know as safety lanyards will come off your neck when enough
force (a firm tug) is applied. The breakaway mechanism is typically formed by a plastic male-
female connector installed within the col sm-lanyard. The two most common positions for
the connector is either in the front on one side or at the top behind the neck. The lanyard
loop is easily reformed by inserting one side of the connector into the other.

Size Adjusters

Cord lanyards are typically outfitted with a slide size adjuster installed at the top of the
lanyard behind the neck. Moving the material up through the size adjustor shortens the
length of lanyard material hanging down in front.

This type of adjuster is also know as a slide size adjuster. Pulling the lanyard material up
through the adjuster raises the lower portion of the lanyard up toward your chest.

A convenience for people of different sizes allowing them to adjust the actual position of
their id card or other object. The two most popular size adjusters in use are the bead and
double barrel slide.

Cell Phone Holders

Cell phone holder hardware enables you to conveniently attach and carry a phone around
your neck. The phone can be used while on the lanyard or detached by using the side
squeeze buckle.


Water Bottle Holders

Water bottle holders attach to the neck of a plastic water bottle for quick and convenient
access to a refreshing drink while engaged in outdoor activities such as walking, biking,
hiking etc.

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Imprinting Methods

Hot Stamping / Transfer Print

The most economical. Some limitations regarding imprint color and material combinations.

The reason for this is the amount of color laid down on the material. Color is transferred from a thin film using pressure and
heat applied by a metal plate which bears the imprint information and is held inside an automatic press. The color applied is
just enough to cover the material.

The material best suited for hot stamping is polyester which feels and looks more like cotton than nylon due to its texture
and non-shiny appearance. Polyester is available in a variety of colors.

Screen Printing

More durable than hot stamping and costs more. Many more ink/material color combinations possible.

Screen printing is more durable than hot stamping, but also more expensive. The reason for the added expense has to do
mostly with labor and time. Screen printed lanyards are typically printed one at a time using manual labor. After the material
is printed heat must be applied to dry the wet ink. Whereas, hot stamped lanyards are typically run on an automated
printing machine with minimal labor and since the imprint is transferred from a color film there is no drying step.

The durability of screen printed lanyards makes them great for everyday use in business, schools and security services. With
screen printing the imprint is transferred to the material by squeezing ink through a very fine „screen“ mesh which
embodies the imprint information. The enhanced durability of this type of imprinting method is due to a greater amount of
color applied to the material. Even greater durability of a screen printed imprint can be achieved by using a curing agent or
catalyst mixed in with the ink which acts to harden the ink even further when dried.

Full Color

Reproduces artwork in full color. Full color or four color process printing is used primarily for custom printed badge reels,
retractable lanyards and dog tag lanyards.

Full color or four color process is printing is used when a „full“ color image is required. The process involves separating an
image into its four component colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). Once separated the image is printed using these
colored inks. The four ink colors used with varying values „intensities“ can then be combined to produce millions of colors.

This process is not readily applicable to lanyard material since it’s best suited for printing on vinyl. Retractable lanyards
which make use of plastic badge reels are typically printed using this method. White adhesive vinyl is printed, cut to the
correct shape and applied to the center of the badge reel.

The advantage of this method is that the imprinted vinyl is both weather and scratch resistant. Clear synthetic covers
„domes“ are sometimes applied over the imprints, but this is more for aesthetic reasons than for imprint protection.

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